Remixt Volume 1 Table of Contents

A Note from the Publisher by Julia Rios

Issue 1—Move [In/On/Out]edited by Layla Al-Bedawi
(poems by Brittany Warman, Cislyn Smith, and A.J. Odasso)

Issue 2—Edited by Jennifer Stephan Kapral
(poems by Karen Bovenmyer, Lev Mirov, and Cislyn Smith)

Issue 3—Summertime Sadness, edited by Cassandra Rose Clarke
(poems by Larry D. Thacker, Christine Jackson, and Neile Graham)

Issue 4—Edited by Emily Wagner
(poems by Sara Norja, Eryn Killian, and Brian Keathley)

Issue 5—The Animal Body, edited by Kate Lechler
(poems by Les Wicks, Cathleen Cohen, and KS O’Neill)

Issue 6—Fossil Hunting in Low Light, edited by Tony Clavelli
(poems by Justin Jannise, Alex Yuschik, and Cathleen Cohen)

Issue 7—Edited by Holly Lyn Walrath
(poems by Jennifer Schomberg Kanke, Sharif Shakhshir, and Lev Mirov)

Issue 8—Edited by Ezzy G. Languzzi
(poems by Beth Cato, Peggy J. Davenport, and M.T. DeSantis)

Issue 9—Edited by Nico
(poems by Stefan Goncharov, Jessi Cole Jackson, and D. M. Patterson)


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