Volume 1, Issue 9—Edited by Nico


family | Stefan Goncharov

 carve a heart

into your chest

and pass on

the knife

Bio: Stefan Goncharov is from Sofia, Bulgaria. He has one published book with poetry and multiple publications in all of Bulgaria’s major literature-oriented  magazines, newspapers, and internet platforms. He has also been translated and published in the notorious Turkish magazine for contemporary literature: “Edebiyatta Üç Nokta” and received first prize at the national student’s competition for poetry in Bulgaria: “Боян Пенев”. Furthermore, he works as a film critic and in 2015 was a part of the extended jury at the “Sofia International Film Fest”.

Stefan Goncharov
Stefan Goncharov
©2016 family by Stefan Goncharov


An Actress’s Daughter | Jessi Cole Jackson 

I have lived a million lives

trailing my mother

from gig to gig

new town

new role

new stage

chasing the



hot leading man

killer dance number.


We trip, skip around the country,

slip around each other.


In each new place

she spackles on another face

while I decide my role.


In Philly I play the tomboy

with raw, rough knees

and the mouth of a sailor.


In La Jolla I play the damsel

all pink tulle skirts

and glitter gloss kisses.


In Minneapolis I play the nerd

big books shoved in my bag

and words like ‘problematic’ and ‘identity theory’ stuttering from me.


A million parallel worlds.

A million parallel lives.


Some days I hope we’ll never settle

she’ll never retire

I’ll never stop shifting.


For how would I choose who to be

with just



 Jessi Cole Jackson lives in the prettiest part of New Jersey. By day she builds costumes for a Tony Award-winning theatre. By night she studies Children’s Literature at Hollins University. Somewhere in between, she writes. Her fiction can be found at Crossed Genres Magazine, InterGalatic Medicine Show, and Cast of Wonders. You can read more about her sometimes exciting (but mostly just normal) life at jessicolejackson.com.

Jessi Cole Jackson
Jessi Cole Jackson
©2016 An Actress’s Daughter by Jessi Cole Jackson


-Infant Goddess | D. M. Patterson

How mighty are the purring cats

Who arc their way through midnight skies

And pull a golden chariot.

So small is she who sleeps inside,

Wrapped tight within a feather cloak.

What journey does she take tonight

As stars caress her tender cheeks?

The proud cats soar with gentle grace

To bear the babe across her realm.

With tails flicked high, they dare the moon

To find a child more beautiful.

The babe holds love in one small hand

A force for no mere mortal grasp.

Yet in the other she will wield

The rage within the heart of man.

And time will teach her: mind and strength

Must not be ruled lightheartedly.

Yet on this night what does she dream,

Angelic in the stardust light?

Will she return before the dawn

To tender mother’s outstretched arms?


Bio: D. M. Patterson is a student in Hollins University’s MFA in Children’s Literature program. Her children’s story The Day I Fell Into The Sky is featured in Juice Box: Inc and Drink Comics Anthology. She loves to read for inspiration and enjoyment, and appreciates the challenge of writing in a variety of genres. Patterson may be contacted at dmpwrites@gmail.com.

Donna Patterson
D. M. Patterson
© 2016 Infant Goddess by D. M. Patterson



Editors note: This is my first editing project for poetry. The abundance of submissions offered a wide range of topics that were enjoyable to read and I found it hard to choose only three final selections. In the end, I chose these poems because they spoke to me about how we affect and influence those we love as we pass on our joys and demons by simply being related to them. We inherit and bequeath the best and worst parts of ourselves, and sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.


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