Submissions Guidelines

Remixt Magazine is OPEN to PROSE submissions through the 26th of April.

How it works:

*Send ONE (1) submission email to containing up to TWO (2) prose pieces of up to FIVE HUNDRED (500) words each.
*Use the subject line: SUBMISSION VOLUME 2: [author name].
*Paste the prose pieces directly into the body of the email! No attachments, please!
*Cover letter is optional, but please include a short bio we may run with your piece if we choose it for publication.
*Send work only to us–no simultaneous submissions. We will respond to every submission for Volume Two by the 20th of May, so you won’t be waiting too long, we promise!
*Our email address is


*SIX (6) editors will review your work. Should any decide to accept it, you will be paid $5 for each time an editor accepts. This means if one (1) editor chooses your piece, you will receive $5, and if six (6) editors accept your piece, you will receive $30. Each editor will publish three (3) pieces in their personal issue of Remixt Volume One, so there are EIGHTEEN (18) total possible slots.
*Payment is via PayPal. We are excited to consider submissions from anywhere in the world.
*There is no submission fee.
*We are buying the right to display your piece publicly for the first time. Please do not submit previously published (including on your personal blog) work. As soon as your piece appears in Remixt, you have the right to reprint it anywhere at any time.

What we want:

*Remixt Volume Two is open to PROSE ONLY.
*We are happy to consider prose of all genres, including, literary, speculative, political, personal, comedic, lyric essay, and more! Fiction and non-fiction are both welcome, but our limit of 500 words per piece if a firm limit.
*We are very interested in submissions from underrepresented and marginalized voices. Our editorial board for Volume Two includes editors from many backgrounds, and we believe representation is important. Our editors will not have identifying information about the authors when they read submissions, but if you would like them to know something about your background (particularly if it informs your submission pieces in some way), please note that in your cover letter with the words, “Please share the following with the editors.”

Why we are doing this:

Oftentimes writers ask how editors think. This is a grand experiment in editing. For Volume One, we sought poetry, but with Volume Two, the experiment is shifting to prose. With 6 different editors and 1 submissions pool, will our editors choose the same pieces or different ones? As with Volume One, for Volume Two, we are not asking for pieces about a unifying theme because we want to give each editor the freedom to create their own vision. Will similar themes emerge? Will the 6 issues of Volume Two be completely different? We can’t wait to find out!

Please direct all queries and submissions to